Wednesday, April 24, 2013

C4T #4

Post #1

This week I was assigned to Mrs. Morris's blog site Primary Tech and on April 8th she posted "Benefits of Blogging by Linda Yollis and class. She posted a YouTube video that Mrs. Yollis created explaining why blogging is a great way to educate students. 

 In my comment I simply introduced myself and said it seems like everywhere I turn there are more and more teachers incorporating blogging into their classrooms. I also said how it is a great way to spark students creativity and imagination. I told her that I definitely plan on using blogging when I become a teacher and I thanked her for sharing Lidia's video.

Post #2

 Today's blog post from Kathleen Morris was about how she has created a 1:1 computer ratio with her students and has them all managing their own blog. She gives the steps and procedures about how to start and educate students-- especially about safety, how to comment correctly, and the terminology of blogger-- to expand their writing, reading, and interacting skills.

  In my comment I told her where I was from and that she has inspired me to start my own student blog assignments once I become a teacher. I thanked her and hoped that my students would be just as excited to blog as hers are now!

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