Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Blog Post #11

Mrs. Cassidy's Skype Video


    I think Mrs.Cassidy is an amazing role model for future teachers! For her to start and create her own way of teaching through technology is very inspirational. I love all of the techniques and ideas she shared with us.

   First off, teaching her students how to use the internet is a key factor in learning and blogging. So in order for her to teach about it, she had to learn about it herself, which is why I am thankful for this EDM310 class! I have already learned so much and I will continue to expand my technology knowledge throughout my teaching career.

   Another important issue that caught my eye is how Mrs. Cassidy incorporates technology into her lesson plans and teaching. I love how she created a class blog for her students. She kept in mind their safety by keeping each student's blog to a first name basis and not posting personal pictures. She said depending on the year, the students may be assigned one blog a week, maybe two. It's also a great way for parents to see their child's improvement throughout the school year. In the video she made,  some of the students said how blogging and helped them become better writers and how excited they get when they receive comments and feedback on their own work. She also talked about how the internet is a great place to collaborate ans learn from other people, which I completely agree with!

   I am almost positive that when I become a teacher, I will be having a class blog. There is so much more freedom and knowledge when using a computer. These two things together make for great learning skills. For example, I might assign my students to read a book for class then have them write a blog summarizing the book and why they did or did not like it. Another thing I will encourage my students to do is to use Wiki, which is a place students can ask any questions and have people from around the world answer them.

   The one thing I am most worried about once I become a teacher is if my faculty and administration will allow me to do the blogging and if they have the technology to do so. Having support from another staff member at the school is a great help, just like Mrs. Cassidy had who helped her pursue her idea of using technology.

    In conclusion, "technology isn't going away," Mrs. Cassidy says and I agree with her. The better technologically literate I become the better. I have learned so many different techniques to use and sites to get help from and I am truly thankful for technology, otherwise my hand would hurt from writing all of this on paper.



  1. Hi Callie! I agree that Ms.Cassidy is a great role model! I love her use of blogging and plan to use it in my classroom as well. I hope that wherever you teach, you receive support for your technological ideas! Thank you for such a great post!

  2. As you know, I am an enthusiastic fan of blogging. I hope you will be a blogging teacher!

    In two years most schools will be insisting that teachers incorporate technology (specifically the use of computers and iPads) into their project based learning activities. Baldwin County is a leader in that effort in our area. Mobile will find that it has to join in as well!