Sunday, April 21, 2013

Blog Post #13

My TEDx  Talk by Brian Crosby was a great video to see the education level students are at now days. He says that the students have had a narrow curriculum since the beginning of school that that is where the problem starts. Brian has technology incorporated into his classroom and lesson plans. He really lets the students get involved and do hand on experiments. The kids loved the projects and they remember what they researched and answer questions to work on comprehension skills. Brian also talks about his class blogging and Wiki pages. His balloon project would be very fun to do and the students can be creative and unique, especially when kids can use the technology and create a video to design their "experience." The actual video that they had in the balloon was amazing! The best part about his project was that they all got to interact with different people around the world! I would definitely do a project like this in my classroom!

Paul Anderson is very inspirational. His idea of the Blended Learning Cycle is very effective. He combines online, mobile, and classroom learning spaces with engaging, exlopring, explaining, expanding, and evaluating new ideas which he translates to "quivers". His disk mirror demonstration is a great way to get the students attention which will lead to a question to start the learning. Next, is to investigate and have students experiment. Then he makes a video, which lets him review and  lets him be able to do other things. Elaboration is the next step, which can go form assigning them reading to diagrams and explaining the physics and the importance of it. After you elabortate, review with the students in small groups and ask them questions to check their understanding. The last step is the summary quiz to test them on what they just learned. This is a great way to get students involved and get them on the right track to learning new things. I love how he believes that someone hasn't really learned something until they can explain it to someone else!

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  1. Hi Callie!

    I agree that Mr. Crosby's balloon experiment looked really fun! That would be a great project to do in your future classroom. I really liked the collaboration they had in writing a story with kids from other states. I would have never thought to do something like that.

    I also liked Mr. Anderson's QUIVERS method. He made a good point when he stated that if someone has really learned something they can it explain it to someone else.

    Keep up the good work!