Wednesday, April 3, 2013

C4T #3

Post #1-- Langwitches Blog

March 18, 2013

 This week's post from Langwitches blog site is about educating teachers on why and how to use media in their classrooms. It emphasizes that all teachers need to incorporate blogging into their classrooms because it is a new writing genre and can expand reading and writing skills, get connections for the future, and improve their presentation skills.

  There is a method introduced for continuing blogfolios throughout a students school years (K-8). Each page is one grade level and has two main sections: Classroom blog, and student blogs. The Classroom blog explains the teacher's and students responsibilities regarding the blogs. The student blog section explains new skills, categories, reflections, and examples of learning artifacts for each grade. Personally, I think this is a very effective method because it incorporates all the teachers and students at the school so everyone is kept up to speed. I know I will be one of the up-to-date with technology teachers at my future school since technology is the future. This blog really makes me want to get my students involved with blog posts.

My comment stated that I think this method is a great idea. It lets students actually see their improvements in the classroom and I look forward to using this method in my future teaching career. I also said that I'm currently an elementary Education Major at USA and that our professors are getting us technologically prepared for our future jobs.

Post #2-- Langwitches Blog

 April 3, 2013

 This week's blog had nothing to do with education. It was strictly about the flood in Buenos Aires that Silvia got word of on her way home from visiting her family. She said the water rose in her mother's apartment by 1 meter and she asked for people to donate for supplies. I did not comment because it has nothing to do with education and the least of her worries is reading my comment about how sorry I am that this tragedy happened.

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