Sunday, April 14, 2013

Blog Post #12


1. Create your very own Pinterest account.

2. Once you have created your account, go to Categories and click Education. Follow 5-10 people whom you think could benefit you. 

3. Create a new Board and label it Teaching Ideas.

4. Pin as many creative or educational ideas you see to your Board that would be useful in your classroom.

5. Write two or more paragraphs of what ideas and techniques you came across and why you think they are beneficial. There are always new projects and ideas people share so I would advise you to search the Education category more than just once for this assignment! Pin away!


    I created this blog post assignment to show students that Pinterest can be beneficial to any teacher. Since I am going to be an elementary school teacher, I need to have ideas and projects for any grade level and subject and I need to keep things hands-on and interesting in order to keep my students intrigued. There are hundreds of new art projects, organization ideas, and teaching methods posted every day which is why I think it is important to constantly be thinking of how to improve lesson plans and assignments. I know there was already a Pinterest blog assignment, but I think having students follow people of their choice and telling why they pinned an idea is more rewarding them making them choose from a particular list of people and saying why they followed them. My intention of this way of Pinterest is to look more into ideas people come across rather than how to use Pinterest. The students may even keep adding to their teaching board even after edm310 if they have their freedom to chose who and what they Pin. 

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  1. I am a huge Pinterest user and it is very beneficial. I've had a board for my future students a little over a year now, so it is full of fun and creative ideas. If you have not already heard of, you should look into it. It is full of free lesson plans for any age and subject.