Friday, February 8, 2013

Special Blog Post #1

WolframAlpha Search

     After I put Compare Populations of India, China and the United States into the search bar of WolframAlpha I found that the population of  China is 1.35 billion, India  is 1.21 billion, and the U.S is 309  million. The population density is jaw dropping! India has 1,058 people per square mile, and China having 376 people per square mile, while the U.S has only about 83 people per square mile. This fact by itself shows that India has 12 times as many people than the U.S does! China also has more than 4 times as many people as the U.S. Along with these facts, the people of Chinese that either speak English or are learning it is 318 million people. This is more than the U.S population alone which is 309 million. 

     One of the comparative searches I did on WolframAlpha was between a Pitbull and a Wiener dog. I searched these two types of dogs because I have been trying to decide which kind to get. The female and male height of the average pitbull is 14-24 inches, whereas, the wiener dog on average is 5-11 inches tall. The weight sizes are very different. The pitbull can weight up to 65 pounds and the wiener dog only about 32 pounds. This could be a major factor to my decision because I would want to be able to pick up my dog. It also told me that types of dogs shed moderately.

     The next comparison I researched was an apple compared to an orange because those are the most common fruits I eat. I found that an apple has 91 calories while an orange has 71. An orange may have less calories but it has more fat in it than an apple comparing 303 mg (orange) to 273 mg (apple). From the data, it shows that an orange has more fiber, protein, calcium, and vitamins than an apple. I think you can figure out the healthier fruit to eat!

     This search engine website is very resourceful. Anytime you or your students have a hard time comparing something, just pull up this website. Whether it's choosing between dog breeds, fruits, or even colleges, this website will show you the facts. I will be using this website in the future and will pass it on to my students.

Social Media Count

     Wow! The internet is so important to peoples' social lives. Who would've ever thought that Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube would be the most popular websites in the world! But this fact is also quite scary. For every 5 minutes a person spends reading tweets or news feeds, they could be doing searches on the web to become more intelligent. Yes, the internet is very resourceful, but you have to actually make an effort to find facts and data. These days a lot of people just use the internet to communicate with each other. On the other hand, in the media count, there are several searches on Google daily, hopefully some are actually meaningful and informational searches.

     In the future, when I become a teacher, I hope to use the internet to educate my students. Whether its encouraging them to research on their own or showing them data I found from the internet. It is very important that my students learn how to  use the internet and not just for Facebook and Twitter.

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