Sunday, February 24, 2013

Project #10

Popcorn Maker


       I plan on teaching 2nd and 3rd grade students which includes all the necessary subjects like math, science, reading, and social studies. Since there is a lot of material to cover, I plan on using this program on the web called the Popcorn Maker. It creates videos by combining maps, video clips, pictures and more into one. So instead of clicking out of one window to show something else in another window, you can show everything in one video! It may be a little time consuming but it will be all worth it. It would also keep students intrigued because they wouldn't know what's coming next!

     I would use this program by creating my own videos on topics and emphasize on certain aspects by inserting maps, quotes, directions, ect. For example, if there was a video the students were watching about a historical event, I could "pop in" a few questions or facts that the students should focus on while watching the video. Another example could be if the students were watching how to do a science experiment, I could include the do's, dont's, and important steps while the video was showing the experiment in action.

     I believe this program could help benefit the learning process of students because it incorporates multiple resources into one discussion. This maximizes the knowledge of a topic, which will benefit students in the long-run. Also, by including different resources into one video, your eliminating the distraction factor of students trying to follow which tab your going to look at next.

    I chose this tool simply because it can take many different aspects and resources for a topic and link them altogether. Like I said earlier, it expands the amount of knowledge into a single video. It is even simple enough for students to use! If they were to create their own video, it could help them with their researching skills and creative ways.

The link to the Popcorn Maker program is below. Feel free to use it all you want!

Popcorn Maker

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