Sunday, February 10, 2013

C4T #1 & 2

iLearn Technology

     This blog is all about how to advance and incorporate technology into classrooms. Last week, I read an article describing this new video mash up website. It creates videos by combining maps, video clips, pictures and more into one. So instead of clicking out of one window to show something else in another window, you can show everything in one video! It may be a little time consuming but it will be all worth it. It would also keep students intrigued because they wouldn't know what's coming next!

     My comment was : "I think the Popcorn Maker is a very smart invention! I remember when I was younger and I would get so tired of just listening to my teacher talk, but now teachers can really make a lecture interesting! It can also increase your knowledge about something by explaining it in different ways! Assigning it to be used by students can also improve the knowledge of things because they have to research all different types of resources and combine them. I’m very glad that I read this article and I may even start using the Popcorn Maker when I become a teacher!"

    I didn't really have anything negative to say about this post! It really opened my eyes on how to "multi-teach" students. This program is also easy enough to use that students could create their own videos.

     This week's blog post was about the "Inklewriter" which is a interactive story designer. Here, you can create your own story in separate sections and link them all together with a key word or phrase. It keeps the reader on his or her toes because they don't know what is coming next. This could be very useful in the classroom to encourage students to be creative.

     In my comment, I simply complimented on the idea of this program. I said "it is easy enough for students to use and can help them to write better, and come up with unique story lines." I enjoyed learning about the InkleWriter and I may use it for class projects in the future!

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