Friday, February 15, 2013

C4K #1, 2, 3, 4

Summary #1 

   This student was required to post 5 sentences about anything. She chose to describe the beach. She talked about the birds flying, clouds moving, the sandy beach and the wavy ocean. The problems I saw were that she started each sentence with "I can see" and she wasn't very descriptive. The comment above me was based on critiquing this problem so I chose to give her advice on how to make her sentences more creative.

 "Hey Eleanor! I could really visualize the beach with all of the different images you talked about! To improve your sentences even more, try adding some details into the images you describe. For example, what type of flag is moving? What kind of birds? Where is the sandy beach? I enjoyed reading your blog!"

Summary #2

   "Roses are red, Violets are blue. This poem is for just for you! I love my mommy and daddy and they keep me feeling happy! My friend Nyia is always happy! I love to move a lot! I hope you enjoyed this poem!"

   In my comment to Miss Hailey, the author of this poem, I simply told her I am a student at USA and said I loved how her poem was short yet sweet. The only suggestion I made was that on her next poem, maybe use different, more descriptive words other than "happy." 

Summary #3

     The boy I was assigned is from New Zealand. His name is Matiu and his only post was saying who he was and that this was his very own blog. I just wished him good luck with his class and in blogging!

Summary # 4

The girl I was assigned this week was in Ms. Vannoy's class. I'm not sure where or how old the students are but I want to guess around 3rd grade. The girl's name was Brandi, and she talked about how much she loved her teacher. She said "I      love      vannnoy.      2.   she     is     the      best.        3.       she           is       the        sweetest.     4.   I          love       her     so      much." I simply stated that I was glad to see how much she loved her teacher and asked what things do she like that her teacher does. I also wished her good luck in blogging and said I enjoyed reading her blog.


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