Friday, March 22, 2013

Blog Post #9

Mr. McChang Volume 4

   Are my kids having fun? The most important question a teacher could ask his or herself. Mr. McClung works for the improvement of his students, not for the reputation from his peers. This is something to keep in mind for any teacher. As long as the kids are having fun and learning, there is nothing else to be worried about. I feel the same way as Mr. McClung, and I hope to stay true to my methods of teaching and not let what my peers say or think effect that. He also realized that he depended on his old lesson plans and wasn't as creative as before. This makes me want to make sure to keep my creativity and change going every year that I teach and improve at least one thing every semester. I really enjoy coming up with lesson plans and EDM310 has helped me find many different techniques and ideas to incorporate into my lesson plans.

Mr. McChang (2010-2011)

     This year's lessons from McChang were ones I will remember in my future teaching years. He again expresses that one should be more worried about their students liking them than other teachers. Being an outsider is okay. I love the fact that he is close enough to his students that he can sit and chat with them at lunch and he incorporates blogging in his lesson plans! He sounds like the type of teacher I want to be.

     Another good key point is "not touching the keyboard." His advice from Mrs. Barron showed him to never take control of a task when teaching something because the students wont be as engaged and won't learn as much. I know when I was trained at my job, some of my co-workers would tell me how to do something but would do it for me, and I would forget how to do it the next time. This is mainly because a lot of people are visual and physical learners. They learn better when they are doing hands-on activities. Keeping your lesson plans constantly changing and starting new tasks are good ways of not getting to comfortable with your teaching routine, which will result in a better school year. Mr. McClung has inspired me to start my own yearly reflective blog in the future!


  1. Don't touch the keyboard. Good advice!

  2. Great job! I agree with you 100% because like you said it is ok to be an outside just as long as your students are having fun and learning and thats all you should be worried about because thats the reason you are there!! I enjoyed reading your post!